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Experience Matters: 

Superior Reserve sets itself apart with unmatched experience.  Our licensed engineers, Justin J. Maier and Stefanie Petersen, have over 33 years of unequaled experience with nearly every type of real estate and every kind of construction.

Some properties and property types have unique assets not found in any other.  You will never encounter a traction elevator anywhere but a large highrise. You will typically never find stairway pressurization systems in anything but a highrise.    

The opposite is also true.  Different types of properties may share similar or identical assets. Example:  You may find identical 800 mbh boilers in a large midrise loft condominium and  a prestigious country club clubhouse.

In other situations, assets that appear identical or very similar may be vastly different because of quality of design, construction, materials, and actual use.  The expected useful life of a new parking lot in a townhouse association may have a drastically different useful life than a new parking lot in a different townhouse association because of these factors.  Unlike other reserve studies that are based on general avarages and generic recommendations, we apply our experience through a critical onsite evaluation, and provide specific recommendations based on our expert observations that are truly custom to your property.  

Our experience with property types both similar to, and vastly different from your property gives us a knowledge base that we can often apply to your property to bring dynamic recommendations in our report.  

Our knowledge of such a diverse variety of real estate and construction allows us to bring best practices from other properties and other industries to your analysis. 

Combined 39 years of Reserve Study Experience

Experience with nearly every property type:

  • High Rise
  • Mid Rise
  • Loft
  • Homeowner Association
  • Townhome
  • Country Club
  • City Club
  • Church
  • School
  • Resort
  • Commercial
  • Investment
  • Municipality
  • Non-Profit
  • Institutional