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Superior Reserve Engineering & Consulting 

Superior Reserve is a real estate engineering consulting firm founded in 2014 that brings together top talent from the Reserve Study and construction/engineering industry. We have over 57 years of combined Reserve Study and construction and engineering experience


Justin J. Maier

Professional Engineer – PE (WI, IL, OH, NY, TX, DC, VA, MD, MI, MN, VA)
Reserve Specialist – RS

Justin is a 1998 Graduate of the prestigious Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). He holds a Bachelor of ScienceIMG 9952 Degree in Architectural Engineering.

Justin, a former board member for the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) has 21 years of Reserve and Transition Study experience. As one of, if not the most experienced reserve analyst in the country, Justin has extensive experience with every type of property from small Homeowners Associations to the largest High-Rise buildings in the country. Justin’s experience is unmatched both domestically AND internationally. Justin has been a resource for properties coast to coast and around the globe. This vast experience allows Justin to bring innovative solutions to clients from across industry boundaries. Justin is recognized as an expert witness in litigation regarding Reserve and Transition Studies

 Prior to his 21 years of Reserve Study experience Justin's professional experience includes an additional 7 years of construction and engineering work including:

  • On-site forensic investigation, design of remedial repairs, and project management of achitectural and structural failures
  • Expert design and analysis of curtain wall systems in projects throughout the United States
  • Construction experience in framing, roofing, siding, drywall and electrical


Nik Clark

Partner Client Servicesnikchi

Nik has been an executive in the Reserve Study industry for over a decade. His 16+ years of industry experience has included the opportunity to be a resource for a variety of clients including property managers, association board members, club managers, facilities directors, real estate developers, real estate investors, and other industry professionals.

He has been a featured speaker at many industry seminars, trade shows, and events for many trade organizations including:



Stefanie Petersen 

Professional Engineer - PE (WI)
Stefanie is an industry veteran.  She graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (BSAE) in 2000.  stefanie

She joined the reserve study industry in 2001.  Stefanie obtained her Reserve Specialist (RS) designation from the Community Associations Institute (CAI) in 2003, her Professional Engineer license in 2005, and her Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) designation in 2006. Since joining the industry 20 years ago, Stefanie has performed reserve studies for townhomes, condominiums, schools, churches, midrise, and high rise buildings.  In addition to her extensive experience as a Reserve Specialist/Reserve Analyst, Stefanie was promoted to the Director of Quality Assurance for a legacy firm in the Reserve Study industry where she was responsible for quality and also training new staff to performing reserve studies.